Frequently Ask Questions

There are a number of roles that a company plays under the legal agreement. That the company always supports to develop sales, branding and even training.

The Partners has the responsibility to keep the trade secrets confidential, in order to protect their trademarks and proprietary information. The partner have to follow the path which would be helpful for creating the market and does not have right to doing any other business that may seem to be competing with the company.

Yes definitely you can start because our trained and professional team to guide you properly.

We want to make people’s life easier and believe in transparent business policy. We have a great analysis about our competitors so we promise our partners to create market and making his investment in profit.

  •  Low Investment, High returns
  •  Trained and expertise team
  •  Security of funds
  •  Partners get the legal rights
  •  Sales support, promotional activities and much more.
  •  Return on investment in very low period.

The company will not appoint anybody within your area and you will be the only partner within in your exclusive territory set by the company.

Please go through the financial table for the average selling prices and the profit margins.

The Company will decide the base prices.

Yes, company always announces the attractive and achievable schemes for their partners apart from margin. This is just like a bonus

As we know that quality and price plays a vital role in making customers continuity. So we provide better quality at lower price rather than competitors.

We expect the Distributors to break even operationally from the third month itself. Your entire investments would typically come back in approx 18-24 months.

As we know that world is being digitalization so first we prefer to promote our self through social media in nationally but also supports to our Distribution partner in local promotion activities.

Fill up the Distribution Application Form (DAF), you can visit it from (Application form menu) or contact to our helpline number for further proceedings.

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