Guidelines for C&F

Candidate selected for the C&F has to provide the following basic facilities, manpower and financial investment:-

  • 1. Covered Go-down (min.1000-2000 sq. ft.)
  • 2. Office space (min.300-400 sq. ft)
  • 3. Computer with Broadband facilities.
  • 4. Printer
  • 5. Telephone
  • 6. Office staff
  • 7. Loading Persons
  • @Working Capital
    8. Capability to invest up to as per the requirement of market but initial investment should be 60-70lakh for a single C&F.
  • 9. Rs.35, 950[Thirty five thousand nine hundred fifty rupees] will be charged as a legal documentation fee which is not refundable.
  • 10. The C&F shall be required to deposit a cheque of Rs.2.25lakhs a security amount which shall remain with the principle during the agreement period.
    (This security amount shall be returned to the C&F after adjustment and settlement of complete accounts after the expiry of the agreement).
  • 11. Payment policy will be in advance against Goods delivery.

NOTE: The above is minimum requirement for meeting the minimum volume criteria for the location. In case of further growth in market potential, may be require more facilities.

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