Guidelines for Distributorship

Infrastructure and Facilities required for running a Distributorship:

  • 1. Covered Go-down (min. 500 sq. ft.)
  • 2. Office space (min. 150-250 sq. ft)
  • 3. Computer with Broadband facilities.
  • 4. Printer
  • 5. Telephone
  • 6. Office staff
  • 7. Loading and collection Persons

@Working Capital:

    • 1. Capability to invest up to 25Lakh minimum investments should be 10-15lakh for a single Distributorship.
    • 2. Rs19, 950 (nineteen thousand nine hundred fifty rupees only) will be charged as a legal documentation fee which is not refundable.
    • 3. The Distributor shall be required to deposit a cheque of Rs.49, 000 (fourty Nine thousand Rupees only) a security amount which shall remain with the principle during the agreement period.(This security amount shall be returned to the Distributor after adjustment and settlement of complete accounts after the expiry of the agreement).
    • 4. Payment policy will be in advance against Goods delivery.

NOTE: The above is minimum requirement for meeting the minimum volume criteria for the location. In case of further growth in market potential, may be require more facilities.

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