A Distribution partner is a type of legal rights that a party (Partner) acquires to allow them to have an access to a company proprietary knowledge, processes, operating procedures, to use trademarks, logos, IT, sales and marketing techniques and in order to allow party to sale or provide a service under a specific brand in given territory.
Distribution Partner is a very popular method for people to start business and you do not need to spend further resources to get your name and product out of the markets.
If you are planning to start lubricant business, but very confused due to having no experience in this field, so you have a great opportunity to join with us as a Distribution Partner!
Kinetic Lubricant offers to become a part of India’s most trusted and reputed brand in lubricant industry. We have an excellent, experienced and expertise team to grow up your business and secure your funds with good earnings.

Kinetic Lubricant offers to become Distribution partners in different category:-

  • 1. Super stockist
  • 2. Distributor
  • 3. Dealer

(Kindly read our Guidelines for more information about Distribution partners)

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